Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee of the company comprises of very well know personalities and eminent group of visionary leaders, industrialists and investors.

  • Mr. Uday Nepali Shrestha (Chairman, Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited and Chairman, Peoples Hydropower Company Limited)
  • Mr. Shushil Kumar Pant (Senior Advocate) 
  • Mr. Shashikant Agrawal (MD, MS Group) 
  • Mr. Jiba Nath Lamichhane (Past President of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), Founding Member of NRNA and Chairman, NRN Infrastructure & Development Ltd.) 
  • Mr. Ambika Prasad Poudel (Investor/Entrepreneur, Member of Board of Directors at Nepal Telecom and Chandragiri Hills Ltd.)
  • Mr. Azad Shrestha (Chairman, Ajod Insurance Limited)