Joint Venture

We are always open to exploring and establish a long term and mutually beneficial partnership by leveraging on our financial resources, expertise and connections.

Local Manufacturing

We can help global brands and multi-nationals corporates in establishing a local manufacturing unit in Nepal. While our partners bring their manufacturing and distribution expertise, we collaborate with our capital, local management expertise and contacts.

With a population of 30 Million and growing disposable income in the cities, Nepal has become an attractive market. Nepal can also be a gateway to serve the huge market of both its neighboring countries India and China.

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Information Technology

We want to be the pioneer investor in the Digital Business. From FinTech to Ecommerce to social networks, with our expertise in the identifying, developing, scaling and monetizing digital businesses, we want to be the most preferred investment partners for tech entrepreneurs and business houses.

Research & Development

We support life improving research and development projects.

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We collaborate with Famers and Local Community in building agriculture business by developing farm lands, providing technical and financial support to the farmers, and by creating a market for the local produce.

Green Energy

We are committed to invest in all kinds of renewable energy plants across the country. Our core focus are Hydro Power Plants, Solar Plants, Biogas etc.

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