Investment Management

Reliable Venture Capital is one of the leading Private Equity Fund Manager of Nepal licensed by Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) under Specialized Investment Fund Regulation.

We have successfully launched our NPR. 2 Billion Private Equity Fund that is registered with SEBON. 

We also offer customized Investment Solution and Advisory Services to create a perfect Investment Portfolio incorporating Private Equity Investments to achieve the unique investment objectives of our clients based on their risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, tax position and other unique circumstances.

Reliable Investment Partner

As Private Equity Investments offers significantly higher Return Potential, it also inherits high Risk Factors associated with Private Equity Investments.

To capture the High Return and Manage the Risk prudently, we offer customized investment solution and advisory services to suit our client’s investment goals and risk tolerance.

Our expert investment managers can help create and manage just the right investments for you that incorporates Private Equity Investments.